Open Mid-May to Mid-October

At Beaver Lake Resort we offer spacious, individual camping or RV sites in a natural forest setting. Each site has its own fire-pit and picnic table. Fresh water can be drawn at two different locations.

Our campground is serviced by central flush toilets and hot showers.

Camping cabins are log cabins featuring beds and tables. They are located near the central flush toilets and hot shower facillities. These little cabins can accomodate up to five people.

Please note that there are no hook-ups or refuse removal services at our campground.

We also offer cabins, camping cabins, and a suite.

CampsiteSize (ft x ft)LocationPicture
Campsite 1416 x 35near playgroundPicture
Campsite 1517 x 35near playgroundPicture
Campsite 1622 x 35near playgroundPicture
Campsite 1728 x 40near playgroundPicture
Campsite 1825 x 32near playgroundPicture
Campsite 1920 x 30near playgroundPicture
Campsite 28B19 x 29overflow in the openPicture
Campsite 2920 x 42near playgroundPicture
Campsite 3015 x 40near playgroundPicture
Campsite 3113 x 51near playgroundPicture
Campsite 3219 x 42near playgroundPicture
Campsite 3317 x 43near playgroundPicture
Campsite 3420 x 24covered sitePicture
Campsite 3512 x34near playgroundPicture
Campsite 3612 x 43in treesPicture
Campsite 3711 x 35in treesPicture
Campsite 3810 x 31in treesPicture
Campsite 3914 x 43in treesPicture
Campsite 4020 x 40pull throughPicture
Campsite 4115 x 41pull throughPicture
Campsite 4216 x 34in treesPicture
Campsite 4314 x 35in treesPicture
Campsite 4419 x 35in treesPicture
Campsite 4516 x 35in treesPicture
Campsite 4615 x 32in treesPicture
Campsite 4713 x 32in treesPicture
Campsite 4817 x 25in treesPicture
Campsite 4915 x 25in treesPicture
Campsite 5021 x 35in treesPicture
Campsite 5115 x 23in treesPicture
Campsite 5215 x 38in treesPicture
Campsite 5317 x 30in treesPicture
Campsite 6215 x 30overflow in the openPicture
Campsite 6323 x 23overflow in the openPicture
Campsite 6412 x 33overflow in the openPicture
Campsite 6525 x 40overflow in the openPicture