Open Mid-May to Mid-October.

There are 22 cabins of various sizes situated near or directly on the shore of beautiful Beaver Lake. You may choose from new or heritage log cabins. Most cabins are equipped with showers (hot and cold water) as well as flushing toilets. The heritage cabins have cold, running water only, and out-house toilet facilities. Central washroom facilities with flush-toilets and hot showers are available in the campground.

Each cabin is equipped with an air-tight wood burning stove for heat, a propane stove for cooking, and in our newer cabins, refrigerators are in place. The cabins feature electric lights (with 24 hour electric power) and an outlet for a radio. Basic cooking utensils such as: dishes, pots and pans, cutlery and dish soap are supplied. Please bring your own bedding (sleeping bags and pillows), towels, coolers, and other personal items.

We also offer campsites, camping cabins, and a suite.

Rustic CabinCold running water, no indoor plumbing but with outhouse.
Bring bedding, towels, dish soap, tea towel, cooler, toilet paper.
Indoor Plumbing CabinCold and hot running water.
Bring bedding, towels, dish soap, tea towel.
Cabin 1 - RaccoonSleeps 8Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 2 - DeerSleeps 7Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 3 - BobcatSleeps 5Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 4 - FoxSleeps 2RusticDetails
Cabin 5 - MooseSleeps 7Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 6 - LynxSleeps 6Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 7 - OtterSleeps 5Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 8 - CougarSleeps 5Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 9 - WolfSleeps 7Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 10 - BearSleeps 6Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 11 - Mountain GoatSleeps 6Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 12 - ElkSleeps 6Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 14 - CoyoteSleeps 4RusticDetails
Cabin 15 - Two LoonsSleeps 7Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 16 - DuckSleeps 7Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 17 - TroutSleeps 4Indoor PlumbingDetails
Cabin 20 - EagleSleeps 7Indoor PlumbingDetails