Hiking & Biking

While your stay at Beaver Lake Resort, you can enjoy some of the country’s most lush environment. The variety of flowers and plants is impressive. Nature walks can be a full-day event, and there is no shortage of trails.

The resort also has its local animal inhabitants. You may catch a glimpse of beavers, squirrels, rabbits, marmots, coyotes or deer. On special occasions you even can see a cougar or a black bear.

Keep your eyes to the skies as well, because the swallows, loons, osprey, and ducks are plentiful; and large numbers of other birds such as blue herons, grouse, kill deer, owls, wood peckers, steller jays and hummingbirds make their homes in this area.

You can explore the vast trail system leading to scenic viewpoints which overlook Kelowna, Okanagan Lake and Beaver Lake with lots of opportunities to take pictures and enjoy the beauty and tranquility around you!

Beaver Lake Resort is only a short trip away from some of the best golf courses and wineries in the area. Aerial sightseeing with Air-Hart Aviation can be arranged.